True Life Quest’s vision is to provide both individuals and companies with the knowledge they need to find their own happiness and greatness, from the inside out, throughout this journey that we call life.

True Life Quest

From the moment of its inception, True Life Quest was and is a place that offers professional and personal services to people and organizations that are seeking their own greatness. Every person, as an individual or member of an organization, already has everything they need within to achieve amazing things. What we strive for at True Life Quest is help our clients to recognize the building blocks of life so that they can learn to work inline with the principles of life and allow their inner light to shine through.

We invite you to visit all three of our main sections, Transformational Coaching, Executive Development and Corporate Training. Though you might be interested in one subject more than another, they are all based on the same foundation of work and it’s possible that you could resonate with something that is written in one of the other sections.

Each person’s journey is unique and that is why we are committed to a personalized approach to working with your specific situation. Ultimately, our goal is to:

  • Work with you and/or your company if you are ready to make a change
  • Guide you in the process of getting out of your own way
  • Assist you in finding your inner guide, wisdom and clarity
  • Help you experience your own insights so you can see what is true for you
Daniel Martinez

 • When I look back at my life, it is very easy for me to divide it into chunks of time that span about 3-4 years, which I lovingly refer to as the puzzle pieces of my life. Each piece represents different experiences but more importantly it represents my key learnings and development during that particular period of my life. Though the puzzle is far from being complete, and it will never truly be complete, I am very excited about the stage that I am in now.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Trinity College in Hartford, CT (USA), I began my professional career in the hospitality industry and shifted when I designed some stickers and started my first company. From there I went to the UMass School of Management for my MBA. Following this, I joined Advest, a regional brokerage firm where I played in various departments as part of a Management Training Program. Shortly after completing the program I started working for Boardwalk Marketing, a company focused on Demand Generation, and a year later was asked by its owners to help launch a MarketOne European office in London. My role was to spearhead the operational execution of the companies services and to build the team up from the ground up. From there I went to work with Freedman International, a marketing execution company, as Business Director. I was then approached by MarketOne once again to launch the Singapore office as the Managing Director, which was an amazing experience and it’s what brought me to where I am today.

Throughout this journey, my personal interest has always been helping people be the best that they can be and I trained in a number of different psychological modalities throughout the years, including Psychosynthesis, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP with various people but most notably I got my training certification with John Grinder. However, most recently I have been focusing my development in the field referred to as the Three Principles, as defined by Sydney Banks. I have studied with many different practitioners, but most notably with Michael Neill and Transformative Coaching.