Coaching can mean a lot of different things. Many people have different ideas of what Professional Coaching or Personal Coaching is and the majority of people I speak with believe that Coaching is about setting and achieving goals. For me coaching is about working with people and helping them shine at home, in the workplace, or anywhere else.

Clearly, knowing where you are going or what you want to achieve is important but for me the critical bits are around taking away the road-blocks or whatever is obstructing you from achieving your greatness, whatever that may mean to you and therefore, making it easier to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Even though we might focus our work on helping you with your professional life, your family life, sports and activities or whatever it may be, my ultimate goal is to help you become the best person and therefore positively impact your life as a whole.

Many people find that even though our focus together is targeted on their professional life, their family life, their sports or whatever else it may be, the benefits of our work together extend out to other areas of their lives. Often by clearing the thing(s) holding them back in one area, they find themselves shining brighter in general.

Each situation is different and therefore generalisations can only provide a flavour but regardless of what we are working on we would surely:

  • Understand the framework for the current way of things
  • How you would want things to be
  • Reveal and strengthen the underlying foundation
  • Align your drivers for success with your values and beliefs
  • Identify and take the steps or actions that are right for you to embark on your journey

Though they often cross over, one into another, below are some examples of what we might do together:

Professional Coaching:

  • Aligning your work to your values
  • Establishing a good work life balance
  • Helping you find clarity where it’s needed
  • Strategizing about conflict and problem resolution

Personal or Life Coaching:

  • Aligning the different aspects of your life
  • Exploring your direction and how you are getting there
  • Identifying what’s important to you
  • Providing you with tools to make the best out of life

Learning Coaching:

  • Understanding how you learn (trapping information, storing it, and accessing it)
  • Recognising different teaching styles and how to translate that to your preferred learning style
  • Exploring your study and/or revision methods
  • Identifying and utilising your ideal learning state

Relationship Coaching:

  • Recognising the different stages of a relationship and their meaning
  • Understanding each other’s core values and their importance to the relationship
  • Resolving areas that interfere with the acceptance of Love (individually and as a couple)
  • Increasing the understanding of your respective personalities and characteristics

Mind Coaching (link to Sports Performance):

  • Utilising your inner resources to positively impact your experiences
  • Establishing congruency between you, your mind and your body
  • Developing and strengthening your ability to focus
  • Learning how to get out of your own way in order to get better results