Finding your true north

When I was studying Psychosynthesis, which is a holistic form of psychotherapy that recognizes the importance of our higher self, we were introduced to the idea of being guides working with travelers, which I loved. To be honest, it should be no surprise that it was an extension of this same concept that played a big part in naming my company.

The other day a friend was asking me about using a tagline with a new logo he is developing for me and I told him that I hadn’t thought about a tagline but one that I liked was “helping you find your true north.”

One of the things I loved about all my own guides in the last few years is the fact that they all believe in empowering the people they work with to be self-sufficient. With my current work, that idea is taken to an even deeper level because what I am doing, along with other colleagues in my field, is helping people to connect with their inner guidance, the most powerful guide anyone can ever have.

So, I love the description of helping people find their true north. And in doing so, they will be able to achieve what they want to achieve with greater ease.

Lots of love,

PS – May the four winds help guide your way.