Getting out of your own way

It’s been a while since I have written a post and a lot has happened so there are a number of topics or ideas that I want to share with you. I sat down yesterday with an idea of what I wanted to share with you but everything that came out just didn’t feel right. It felt totally forced so I stepped away and knew that the “inspiration” would come for me to share what I want to share with you when I didn’t have so much thinking about it.

As you read this, I can assure you this was not what I wanted to share. What I wanted to share with you are two different posts that came out of a conversation I had with my brother about a month ago. As I was sharing with him some of the general concepts behind the work I’m doing, I pointed out that every experience that we have in life is through our thought. He disagreed with that and used the example of fear as a primal emotion that happens to us before thought. The other area I wanted to share with you, using this conversation as an example, is the idea that we all have our noise (thoughts) that we experience all the time. But more on these two topics in the future, the near future I hope. :-)

What I decided to focus today’s post on is the idea of getting out of our own way. How many times have we tried to figure something out or solve a “problem” only to find ourselves spinning our wheels. We eventually give up trying and then we get an insight out of the blue, a flash of inspiration hits us all of a sudden, when we least expected it. I know all of us are aware of this but few of us actually practice this on a regular basis. Most of us, innocently, get caught in all kinds of thinking about what we are trying to solve or trying to do and we get in our own way.

So, what is this “way” that we refer to in our day-to-day language? Again, we all know of people and can recognize it within ourselves that we are so trapped by thought that we are not able to see anything clearly. Different people may use different words for that I’m about to share with you so I invite you to change the words are you read this to something that is more appropriate to you.

We live in a system that has an intelligence behind it and though it is easy enough to see it in nature and the world/universe around us, most of us think that we are the exception to the rule. Most of us live our lives most of the time completely oblivious to the system that we are a part of. For example, most of us, myself included, don’t pay any attention to gravity. We take it for granted and don’t even think about it as a system that we live within all the time. It is a principle that works, whether or not we are aware of it, recognize it or believe in it. It acts upon every single one of us all the time and it does not judge or discriminate.

Likewise, the nature of thought also works as part of an intelligent system that we all seem to recognize exists but most of us, again myself included, seem to work hard to work against it. This subject can easily turn into a small book so I’ll do my best to be brief given that my introduction to this post was quite long. :-)

Like I said, we have all experienced a time when we have come up with a solution or gotten a new idea shortly after we stopped trying to figure it out. What most of us don’t recognize is that this is true for every situation in our lives. Let’s stick with my earlier example. I had so much thinking about wanting to share the things I had set aside to share with you from the conversation with my brother that I was forcing the words down and I wasn’t happy with anything that was coming out. I recognized that I had a lot of thinking about it and could see that this was the reason the words weren’t flowing easily. Today as I was washing the dishes, I started thinking about wanting to write about the conversation with my brother and noticed that I still had a lot of thinking in the way. It then occurred to me, out of the blue, that I could write about not forcing things to happen.

When we talk about getting out of our own way, what we intuitively refer to is the fact that there is a natural intelligence that will provide us with the answer or solution when we don’t try to make it happen. Some would refer to that as our inner guide or inner wisdom. When we allow ourselves to have a quiet mind, when we are not thinking about our thinking, it opens us up to work within the nature of the system and the result is that we end up having access to the creative potential that exists beyond our personal thinking.

Until the next time, may the four winds continue to help guide your way.

Lots of love,