Getting Started

The next step is for you to contact me so we can schedule a time to speak over the phone. But before you do so, let me ask you one last question, “Are you ready to change?”

I’m asking because I want to make sure you are committed to change. Though there are many NLP application techniques and Hypnotherapy interventions that can appear to deliver magical results, the real magic is inside of you.

Effective change work is dependent on a strong therapeutic agreement, which can be simplified to mean that the success as dependent on the traveler as it is on the guide. In fact, most of the change occurs between sessions.

My role as a Coach and/or Cognitive Hypnotherapist is to guide and help you have greater clarity of your internal map, shining a light, bringing your attention to specific areas or helping you clear the things that are hiding parts of your map. We may even work to extend your map beyond its current state.

One of the Classic code presuppositions supports this point, “FULL IN THE BLANK”.

So, if you are ready, contact me so we can talk about the journey you are on and the one you want to be on.