If only I knew then what I know now

Someone very dear to me shared this article written by Deepak Chopra because she thought I might like it:


In fact, I loved it and shared it with a number of people, including my partner. As we were discussing it, I commented on how I would have liked it three years ago, but I would not have understood it the way I do now.

For example, I would have read the article and said to myself, “that sounds great, but it’s easier said than done.” Or I would have asked, “I can see the truth in this, but how do I expand my awareness?” Now I read it and say, “that is exactly what I am pointing to when I work with my clients, and I couldn’t have said it any better.” It’s honestly one of the most beautifully described articles relating to the work that I do.

It’s hard to describe what’s made the difference in me because I believe it’s a combination of things, but they are all related to the different conversations that I’ve been sharing with you in the blog; they are all connected to the fundamental principles behind our experience. What I’ll do is share some headings (conversations) that I believe are at the core of my current understanding:

  • The role our state of mind has on the quality of our thinking
  • The fact that the life of a thought is only as long as we give it attention
  • The way in which we access our inner wisdom with greater ease

As much as I’ve shared the pragmatic and practical implications of this understanding that are relevant to your personal and professional life in more ways that you or I can even imagine, the core of the conversation is a spiritual one.

Until next time, may the four winds continue to guide your way.

Lots of love,