This can change the world

My girlfriend and I had dinner last night with one of her good friends and his fiancé. Neither of us had met his fiancé before and I’d only met my partner’s friend a few times but we had never really had a chance to talk much.

As we were talking about various things, his fiancé asked what I did and I spoke to her about how I help people understand what creates our experience of life.

In my field, many people use the metaphor about life being a movie and what we do is help you see for yourself what is happening behind-the-scenes; how the movie is made in the first place.

We talked about how there is nothing to fix and nothing to do. That the system is a self-healing system that will do its thing if we let it. The only thing that keeps us from feeling this or recognizing this innate health within ourselves is all the noise in our heads.

I then elaborated on the earlier metaphor about the movie by saying that tools and techniques are like changing the scenes in a movie so that we can cope with it better but still not recognizing that it’s only a movie in the first place, that it isn’t real.

We talked about how this conversation in a business context is focused around profitability, performance, state-of-mind, creativity, innovation, communication, and problem solving. All of which are natural outcomes of this understanding.

On a personal level, the implications of this conversation are also vast and far reaching, including better relationships, more peace of mind, more enjoyment of our highs and more forgiveness of our lows.

I don’t know how much of what I was sharing resonated with my dinner companions but at some point she said, “this could change the world.” And I agreed. She then said, “this could help everybody.” And I agreed.

This is why I love the work that I do.

Until next time, may the four winds continue to guide your way.

Lots of love,