You are not in the world…

Someone very close to me shared something that I really liked so I’m passing it on to you and it includes a question that I will do my best to answer. So this is what I was given:

An ancient Vedic saying states: “You are not in the world; the world is in you.”
It is only the veil of illusion–known as MAYA in the ancient yogic tradition–that keeps us from seeing that everything is pure consciousness. When we pierce the veil, we discover the spirit in everything…………

(it continues with the following but I don’t like it because as much as people might say this time and time again, I don’t now how to have access to this)

…..and have access to the unlimited creative potential.

So, let me begin with my understanding of the first part and then I’ll do my best to share my thoughts about the last bit. But before I do so, let me suggest that you read what is written below looking for what you don’t know vs. affirming what you think you already know. (I may write another post with more about this later.)

There are some truths about our human condition that are undeniable.

The first is that we are part of something greater. There is some form of intelligence that exists in this world and universe that is incredible and completely outside of us. For example, the planets orbit in a very specific way that seems to follow some kind of design, a rose seed does not sprout to become an oak tree, and waves crash all over the world with the exact same shape. Everything you can think of seems to have some kind of intelligence behind it. 

The second is that we are aware of being alive. We have a consciousness that allows us to recognize our existence.

And the third is that we relate to the world around us through thought.

Our experience of the outside world is the partnership between Consciousness and Thought, which means that our experience of the world is created within us, and this is the case 100% of the time. The world and outside experiences do not create our reality; our thoughts are what creates our reality. People will often say to me that it is not their thoughts but the external events/circumstances or actions of others that determine their mood or their experience. The idea is that something happens outside of us and we then feel happy, sad, fearful, excited, etc. But if you think about it that can’t be true. Let me give you two different examples. If you put 50 people in a room and you present them with the same exact stimulus, you will get 50 different interpretations and 50 different reactions to it. There might be some similarities but no two will be alike. Another example is for you to imagine being in a really good mood and some stranger giving you the finger as you are walking past them. What do you imagine your thinking would be like? Now think about being in a really bad mood and imagine what your thinking would be like then?

We have all been in relationships when someone has done something to us and we have not given it much importance and at other times, that same person has done the same thing but that time it really bothered us. It isn’t the act itself that we are reacting to, it is our thoughts related to the act that affects us. So, rewording the quote above a little, you are not experiencing the world from the outside, you are experiencing the world from the inside out.

As for the second part, about having access to the unlimited creative potential, this post is already a bit long so let me do my best to speak to that in my next post.

Until then, may the four winds continue to help guide your way.

Lots of love,