We are all on a quest to find our true selves throughout our lives, which is what True Life Quest is all about. It is an autobiographical representation of my own journey and passion to share what I have learned about what it means to be both spirit and human; in the hope that in doing so, I can help you connect, awaken and remember the true greatness, majesty and magnitude of who you are.

Life Beyond Form Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence Exploration Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing

Below are the different aspects of True Life Quest LLC:

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Life Beyond Form™

Deepening Spiritual Intelligence    

Exploring your own spiritual journey via Life Beyond Form Spirit Journeys (Past Life, Alternate Life, In-Between Lives and Metaphoric Experiences). Deepening your understanding of of what it means to be both Spirit and Human. Become the true alchemist and creator of your life. Align with your authentic self, allowing for the greatness and magnitude of who you are to help you live the life you deserve to live.

May We All Soar With Inspiration, Explore With Passion and Live With Love.

Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit

Spirit Messages, Healings & Transmissions

A quarterly series of live channelled sessions where we co-create a space for Spirit to share messages, healings and transmissions. Learning more about what it means to be both spirt and human, and helping all to expand our awareness.

Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️
Simply Being from Love ❤️

Spirit GemStones

Exploring the playful and collaborative energy of gemstones with the invitation for our spirit teams to assist with the energy and intention of each bracelet, neckless, mala or hanging ornament. 


Collaborating 💎 Creating 🪨 and Playing 🔮 with Spirit GemStones

Playing with Spirit Membership

A space to expand and deepen our spiritual intelligence; understanding what it means to be both spirit and human; helping us live our life from a place of greatness and self-worth; and integrating our spiritual understanding into this human experience so that we can all be the true alchemist of our lives.

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

Conversations with amazing people, exploring and discussing our spiritual intelligence; of who and what we truly are. Exposing us all to different dimensions of our human and spiritual journey so that we can learn more about our authentic self, and how it all relates to improving our human experience.

DMS Photography

Sharing My Love for Gaia 

This is a collection of my own pictures that I have taken throughout my experience of this beautiful world, with profound love and gratitude to Mother Earth and everything she does for us.

Mother Earth, thank you for your beauty, your love and everything else you do.

Receive regular stories, insights and thoughts from me to help you live an inspired life with more ease, hope and love.


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