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About Me

I have been on a journey to find a deeper understanding of myself and others from a very young age. This search lead me to a tremendous amount of self-reflection and the study of a variety of different psychological models for change.


Even though many of the tools and techniques offered by these models can be helpful and powerful, I always felt they lacked something in their explanation of why we do what we do and feel the way we feel.


My search lead me to a system at the core of all psychological experience. The depth of this understanding has no limit and though I am still seeing things deeper each day, I love to share what I have already seen with others.

This understanding is the basis for my work because even by seeing a glimpse of it, your experience of life will completely change; your relationship to others and any challenges you may face will also drastically improve. You will face challenges with more grace and appreciate your highs even more.

The intention is for you to have your own insights into the nature of your experience of life, This is the only way you can ever truly know something and it will ultimately transform how you live.

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Daniel Martinez

Working Together

My time is quite limited, which means I am selective about who I choose to work with. 

What I look for is your desire and determination to live an incredible life. This is important because what's on offer is the following:

~ Having deep and meaningful relationships.
~ Being more graceful in the bad times.
~ Experiencing the good times more fully.
~ Using inner wisdom to make decisions.
~ Pursuing goals and dreams with confidence.

~ Recovering from set-backs more quickly.
~ Handling challenges with greater ease.
~ Feeling profound levels of love and gratitude.

As much I will do my part, which is to be present to what shows up and to do what is needed in the moment, the change happens inside of you. So, it is ultimately due to your courage, openness to change and willingness to look into the unknown that will make the biggest difference.


It is equally as important for you to evaluate and decide if I am a good fit for you and your journey.

The first step is for us to have a conversation about where you are and what you want so we can decide if it makes sense for us to explore this conversation together and become travel companions on this journey we call life.

I was blown away by Daniel's grounding, his level of connection and the impact that his coaching made on me. Daniel has a real practical approach, pragmatic and direct, though I never felt less than safe and 'looked after'.
A wonderful experience.

—  Stef Cybichowski • UK

What People Say

Individual Coaching

Transforming your life from the inside out by guiding you to see for yourself how the mind and life actually work.

Even when our work together is focused on addressing a specific issue, your understanding will generalize out and improve all areas of your life.

You will begin to live in line with how the system actually works more often, with greater ease and with more awareness.

3-Day Intensives

Often a great way for you to begin your exploration into the principles at the core of your experience of life.

This approach is especially useful when the outcome you are looking to achieve is really important and time sensitive. 

Intensives give you the opportunity to go deeper and develop a stronger foundation in order to achieve faster and more profound results.

4-Day Group Retreats

Short get-aways in beautiful locations so you can give yourself permission to take a break from your regular routine.

The retreats will include both group and individual sessions, in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of down time for exploration.

The focus for each event, accommodations and meals will differ. Please contact us below for more information about our next retreat.

How I can Help You


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