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After my own heroes journey of seeking and soul searching, I came across a field of study and reflection that is referred to as the Three Principles. These Principles are a description of the system behind our experience of life, as defined by the late Sydney Banks

Even though I have always lived a very spiritual life and came across many spiritual/psychological ideas and teachings, nothing has been as clear or as simple as this description of life. Sydney himself would say his words are nothing new and that they point to the same Truth at the heart of all religions and the same Truth that the mystics of all time have been speaking about. 


However, the clarity, simplicity and logic in the description of the Three Principles made it possible for me to see beyond the words for the first time and to experience, to some degree, the Truth of my experience for myself. I say to some degree because the depth of this understanding is infinite. 

The purpose of this site is for me to share what I have seen with you, in the hope that you will see something for yourself, about your own experience of life. Even a tiny glimpse of the Truth behind your experience of life will change your relationship to any challenge or obstacle that crosses your path. 

What I have already seen for myself has been transformational and this is my intention for you as we work together and/or you read my musings. Not because there is anything for me to show you or to teach you, but because of the hope that in sharing what I have seen, it will awaken something in you that reveals the truth of your own experience. 

There are no rules for who sees what, when and how deep, so it is very possible that you will see something even clearer than I have. So, even though I may begin as a guide, what's on offer here is a travel companion in our mutual exploration of Truth, as we look in this direction together and we see what we will see.


I invite you to explore my musings with a curiosity and willingness to look beyond what I am trying to convey. Towards the Truth behind my clumsy attempts to describe the indescribable and to look beyond my words, towards that which can never truly be explained with words.


Enjoy the journey and may the four winds help guide you along your way.

Daniel Martinez

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Certifications & Qualifications (Slide 1 of 2)
  • 1993 Bachelors of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Trinity Collage, Hartford CT USA

  • 1997 Masters of Business Administration, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA USA

  • 2000 Psychosysthesis Certification, Synthesis Center, Amherst MA USA

  • 2008 Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Quest Institute, London England

  • 2010 Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, NLP Academy, Croydon England

  • 2013 Transformative Coach, Supercoach Academy, California USA

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