The Life Beyond Form™
Training Level-01

Starting on 03-June-2023

Learn to play and co-create with Spirit and take your Spiritual Regression to the next level. This Life Beyond Form™ Level-01 training program is designed to help you develop and expand your ability to conduct and facilitate any spiritual regression, learning to respond and adapt to any situation and whatever direction Spirit may take you. 

 Space is limited to 30 participants.

All attendees will be interviewed before acceptance into the program.

Not only do I want to make sure all your questions are answered, but I also want to give us both the opportunity to evaluate and collectively determine if we are a good fit to work, play and explore together. 

Yes, I Want to Attend  ➜

Greeting and Course Introduction

About Daniel Martinez Stahl

Life Beyond Form™ 
Training Level-01

This 7-week course goes beyond the logistical understanding of how to facilitate a past life regression or a life in-between lives experience. It is designed to help you to gain a foundational understanding of your true self, of the system of life that we are living in, and helps you to connect with the spiritual intelligence that exists within you and around you.

Ultimately, deepening and expanding your understanding of what it means to be both spirit and human and how all of this has to do with collaborating, co-creating and playing with Spirit when you are facilitating a spiritual "regression", or as I like to refer to it as a spiritual journey. 


Proposed Agenda

General Course Outline 

Seven week program with 21 sessions, 
Starting on 03-June-2023:

(on Saturdays with long lunch break in between)

Week 1.1: 90-120 minutes - Introductions
Week 1.2: Demo 1 - Kick-off the program - Short Spirit Journey - PLR or metaphor (1.5-2.0 hours on average)
Week 1.3: 90-120 min Integration and Q&A

Week 2.1: 90-120 min Session 1
Week 2.2: 90-120 min Session 2
Week 2.3: 90-120 min Q&A

Week 3.1: 90-120 min Session 3 (PLR)
Week 3.2: 90-120 min Session 3 (Womb and LBL)
Week 3.3: 90-120 min Q&A

Week 4.1: Demo 2 - Short Spirit Journey - PLR or metaphor (1.5-2.0 hours on average)
Week 4.2: 90-120 min Integration
Week 4.3: 90-120 min Q&A

Week 5.1: 90-120 min Session 4
Week 5.2: 90-120 min Session 5
Week 5.3: 90-120 min Q&A

Week 6.1: 90-120 min Session 6
Week 6.2: Demo 3 - Long Spirit Journey - Womb and In-between Lives (3.5-5.0 hours on average)
Week 6.3: 60-120 min Integration and Q&A

Week 7.1: 90-120 min Session 7 and Q&A
Week 7.2: 90-120 min Q&A (if necessary)

Week 7.3: Closing Ceremony

The agenda is open and flexible for any adjustments that are responsive to the participants.

Present 🦋 Responsive 🦋 Adaptive 🦋

Defining the intention for your work with Spirit and setting up the orientation session, preparing the client for what to expect and how to get the most out of the session.

The induction process, and how this differs for the shorter PLR sessions vs the longer In-Between Lives style sessions. Why I use the language I use to help create a safe space for the client and their team to experience the sacred journey and information that is being shared in the session.

The same general approach is applicable for both Past Life Regression (PLR), what I refer to as a Metaphoric Journey, as well as when exploring the Afterlife In-between Lives (LBL). We will discuss the differences, between the three, which will also include exploring the Womb. 

How to introduce and utilize the higher self and Spirit guides to help add clarity to the information being provided.

Most importantly, how to help ensure the information being experienced by the client is being received, grounded and integrated throughout the session, while ensuring everything is understood and relevant in their current life.

How to progress from one scene to the next in a directive but permissive manner that both empowers the client, yet gives them a framework that facilitates and assists them throughout the journey.

How to respond to the unexpected or the unknown without a script.

The role that Spirit plays in the development and progress of the session.

Responding to what is being presented and engaging with Spirit directly throughout the journey, again, and how this is different for a shorter Past Life Regression (PLR) type session vs the longer life in-between lives sessions (LBL).

What to do and how to handle the conversation if the client presents you with something unknown. How to progress being 100% responsive and fully present to the client and what is wanting to come through, aware of the guidance from Spiritual Intelligence, and facilitate the journey without a script.

Knowing how to feel for the natural end of the session, giving gratitude, and wrapping things up. We will close the program with a final Q&A and the closing ceremony.


🦋 Deepen Your Understanding of Being Spirit and Human 🦋
🦋 Expand and Strengthen Your Foundation and Grounding 🦋
🦋 Learn to Play and Engage with Spirit Even More 🦋

I'm Interested in Attending  ➜

Intentions & Sacred Spaces

How to use your own words to invite the energy of life to help you in facilitating and
co-creating LBF Spiritual Journeys, helping to assist and allow love and healing.

Working With the Energy of All That Is

Everything is energy. You are the energy that creates worlds. Begin to understand what that means as an individual and how this applies to facilitating spiritual journeys.

Allowing Instead of Resisting

When we are in alignment with the Energy of Life, we allow ourselves to receive all that Life has to offer. Learn to follow and flow with this Energy as an integral part of your facilitation.

Understand How the Mind Works

Knowing about how the system of life works helps us to understand our use and innocent mis-use of personal thought. Learn how this understanding helps your traveler to integrate and understand their journey. 

Co-creating an Amazing Life

Understand the role we play in the creation of our life and some ways to help shift our desired outcome, both for ourselves as well as for the people we work with.

Exploring Your Own Spiritual Journey

Remember and re-experience aspects of your souls journey, connecting with your higher self and spiritual team. 


It's impossible for me to tell you what you will learn from this course, but my intention is to help you deepen your understanding of how to engage more easily with Spirit as a Spiritual Regression Facilitator and to give you an outline and strong foundation of how I approach this work so that you to build upon it and to create your own way.

What we will cover in this course incudes (and is not limited to):

Setting up the discovery session or what I call the orientation session. What to cover, with some key things to mention and go over, to build the foundation for the Spirit Journey session. 

How the people you work with can prepare for the session, what steps they can do that will help them have a better experience.

Starting the session, going over their questions for spirit and being clear on what is important for them to learn from this experience.

The induction process. What "techniques" I use and why I choose to use them, how they build on helping the client and also give them skills or reference points that they can use themselves going forward.

The pathway I use to lead them toward the experience that will reveal itself. Why I use it, what I use for backups and what I do if the pathway doesn't work.

Examples of the different places or experiences that their Higher Self and Spirit Team can take them on. How to draw out the details of their experience once they go beyond the pathway and into the experience itself, what ever or where ever that might be.

Questions to ask that will help them connect with what they are experiencing and to personify with the individual they are remembering themselves to be (if that's what is happening).

General understanding of the different places the journey may lead and how the questions change based on location and what presents itself.

How to engage the assistance of the higher self through out this exploration process to help connect the meaning and importance of what's being experienced with the current life of the person you are working with.

How to move forward throughout this journey in a way that is permissive of their preferences and journey, while still giving them a structure that will help guide their way.

How to proceed though their experience, giving their Higher Self and Spirit Team the room for them to reveal the information that they feel is most relevant for the person you are working with, and most importantly, understanding how to ask for clarification that connects the significance of what they are experiencing with their current life. And the different ways in which these information gathering steps can be used as a natural part of the journey.

How to invite Spirit to share more information that they feel is relevant and when to know when it's appropriate to move on to the next stage of the journey. And giving Spirit the permission to take the lead and guide the session along the way.

What are some of the things I add to the conversation to deepen the impact and communication between the person you are working with and their own Higher Self and Spirit Team.

How to "anchor," ground and highlight key aspects of the information so that they are more easily accessible to the person you are with after the session.

How to invite a stronger connection between them and their Spirit Team going forward. What you can say and do throughout the journey to encourage this. What you have already been doing from the start that naturally leads them to deepen this connection. 

How to bring the journey to an end. What are the things I do to invite additional messages as we are brining the conversation to a natural end.

Giving gratitude to their Higher Self and Spirit Team for all their guidance and assistance throughout the journey.

Bringing the person back to their body and awareness into the present moment.

What to do and say after they come out, what to look for to make sure they are grounded and back safely in their body before ending the session. 

What to share with them to help them integrate the information after the session.

Most importantly to have a strong foundational understanding within yourself and your own intuition so that you can adapt and adjust along the way to whatever your client is presented with. 


Some more useful information...

Below are some general questions that might be helpful for you to better understand the program. 

I first started facilitating Past Lives and quickly discovered that the Spirit team of the people I was working with were revealing and taking us to different places and scenes that were not necessarily Past Lives. So, my approach became flexible and open to whatever and wherever Spirit wanted to take us during these spiritual journey session.

It didn't take me long to realize that this approach turned out to be exactly the same when I started exploring the afterlife in-between lives. The methodology and direction of my facilitation turned out to be pretty much the same for both kinds of journeys, which is what this course is about.

This understanding and style of facilitation is applicable to whatever journey Spirit wants to take you on with your clients. The key to this style of work is to trust that the journey is lead and directed entirely by the client's higher self and their Spirit team, which means that it doesn't matter if you are exploring the space in-between lives, a past life, an alternate life or even a metaphor.

The foundational approach is the same for all. We just go with what is presented to the client and ask clarifying questions from there in order to make sense of what is being presented, to help integrate it and link it back to the client's current life.

The way that I approach my work is a conglomeration of all the different techniques and models I've studied. But in short:

  • I trained with Trevor Sylvester at The Quest Institute for a deep understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

  • The foundation for my Past Life Regression training came from all of the Brian Weiss books and by studying directly with Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, who is also a very experienced Life Between Lives® facilitator.

  • The foundation for my approach to exploring the afterlife and
    in-between lives is strongly based on the work of Michael Newton, and his techniques for facilitating what he refers to as Life Between Lives®.

  • The understanding of how the mind works is largely based on the work of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles, which is a clear and simple description of the system behind all of life and of existence itself.

  • My work in connecting and playing with Spirit continues to grow from all of the LBF Spiritual Journey sessions, from my studies and exploration of channeled messages and from learning to channel myself.

My intention for this work is to help the people I work with to experience the aspects of their spiritual journey that are relevant to the lessons and life they are living at the moment. Though they are using me as a conduit, the intent of the work is also to help them deepen their connection, and improve their communication, with their higher self and Spirit team. 

This isn't revolutionary and I know many people share these intentions in their work. So, to be honest with you, it never occurred to me that I was offering a unique approach to connecting with Spirit and facilitating spiritual regressions until the people I worked with asked me to teach them what I did or made comments about how my approach is unlike anything else they have experienced.

I am fully present to the person I'm working with and responding directly to what is being presented to them and through them from their Spirit team.

The intention I set for my work, with the people I work with and their Spirit team, is that the session is driven and directed entirely by them. My role as an artisan is to help facilitate the journey, to explore and bring out the messages and meanings behind what is being shared, and most importantly, link everything back to the current lifetime of the person I'm working with.

Responding 100% to what presents itself, with an open and flexible approach. Exploring whatever their Spirit team offers us, wherever they takes us and however they want to share their message to and through their beautiful person that I'm working with.

It's equally as important for me to be comfortable with you as it is for you to be comfortable with me. 

I appreciate and value the opportunity to get to know the people that are interested in the course, to help answer your questions, as well as help ensure you are a good fit for the program and for the community.

It's also important for me that you and I have a chance to evaluate if we are a good fit for working together. Especially given that we will be entrusting each other to become an integral part of our respective and collective spiritual journey.


I Want to Participate in the Life Beyond Form™ Level-01 Training  ➜

Though there is a general agenda for each week, the informational content will primarily be driven by the questions asked by the participants and the information that wants to be shared at that specific moment in time. The experiential sessions also have a general direction or intention, but what is shared with you is fundamentally driven by your higher self and your team. 

This is the inaugural launch of this course and it is being offered at an introductory rate: (compared with the likely future rate of US$1662)

Option One
● A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of US$222
● A single payment of US$480 on or before 03-June
Total US$702 (does not include tax or VAT if applicable)

Option Two
● A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of US$222
● 2 monthly payments of US$255 starting on 03-June
Total US$732 (does not include tax or VAT if applicable)

In the event of a student deciding not to continue with the course, the student will be entitled to a refund of 100% of that part of the training paid for but not received, excluding the initial non-refundable deposit. Any training already received but not paid for, will become payable. If, at the time of graduation, the course payments are in arrears, the diploma of completion may be delayed at our discretion.

I'll be honest, having a strong understanding of hypnosis is preferred. But I always talk about how this work is not hypnotherapy, so if you have a desire and the commitment to learn, I'll be honored to work with you.

For people with little to no hypnosis experience, I'll create a separate foundational course covering The Fundamentals of Hypnosis for Spirit Journeys to ensure you are able to facilitate Spirit Journeys congruently, with integrity and confidence.

Contact me so we can figure out a good path for your training  ➜

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of hypnosis, language patterns and hypnotherapy in general, before or after this course, I strongly recommend the dual diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and traditional NLP offered by The Quest Institute. Trevor is an incredible teacher and the rest of the team at The Quest Institute are amazing as well.

This Level-01 training is designed to give you a foundation for expanding what it means to connect and play with Spirit as a Spiritual Regression Facilitator.

Level-02 is focused on exploring your understanding of what it means to be both Spirit and Human. And how this applies to expanding your connection and impact as a Spiritual Regression Facilitator.

Level-03 is about deepening the connection with your own Spirit team and with Spirit in general. 

These are all being created in real-time, so the specifics of level 2 and 3 may change over time.

If you are interested in being certified as a Life Beyond Form Facilitator, that will require going through all three levels of the DMS Spirit Journey™ technique, which will lead into a mentorship program.

In order to be certified as a Life Beyond Form Spirit Journey Certified Facilitator, it will require the completion of all three DMS Spirit Journey™ Levels along with a mentorship program designed to give personal and individual feedback. 

The mentorship will consist of weekly sessions that will alternate between calls focussed on deepening your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and group mentoring calls, where we will discuss and review a shared session from a participant's client (with their approval), or practice sessions with colleagues.

The length of the mentorship program will depend on the number of participants to give everyone a chance to be reviewed and discussed.

The intention is to create a collaborative space where we can all support and learn from each other. The SQ sessions will cover a variety of topics to help you deepen and expand your skill set as a Spiritual Regression Facilitator.


Sample Videos of Different Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journeys

Following are a few examples of different sessions I've conducted that will give you first-hand examples of my approach to facilitating:

Past Life Regression with Chiara

This video is a more typical exploration of a past life journey. It could just as easily have gone to a parallel life or future life on this planet, or even an alternate life in another planet or dimension. The journey is prepared and presented entirely by Chiara's Higher Self and Spirit Team.

Afterlife In-Between Lives (LBL)
with Raquel

This is an example of a longer Life Beyond Form session that is designed to take Raquel into the afterlife to explore key aspects of her the space in-between lives that are relevant for her to better understand in this current lifetime.

Meeting Spirit Team with Sandy

This is a shorter Life Beyond Form journey, that begins with the intention of potentially exploring a past life or an alternate life, but her Spirit Team takes here some place else. In this case, she goes to a space for healing and to become acquainted with key members of her Spirit team.

Getting Started Content

Here is a link to a page I share with everyone that wants to work with me to give them an idea of what to expect, answer many questions they may have and also get them familiar with me, my voice and my style:

Your Spiritual Journey – Getting Started

After many discovery sessions, which I now call Orientation Sessions, I realized that I was spending a lot of time sharing the same information with the people I was working with. So I decided to create a video that covers all the general and generic information, and then the one-on-one orientation can be more personalized to address any questions or concerns they have. 

Each orientation session is unique and I follow my own intuition on what to say, what to share and how to answer their questions. Inevitably, throughout the conversation, I embed suggestions that are designed to help them have an easy and powerful experience.

The meditations are there for them to get a feel for my speech pattern, way of working, and most importantly my energy. It gives them an opportunity to go into trance using my voice that also encourages them to trust in me and my voice on the day of the actual Spirit Journey. 


What Other Explorers Are Saying

This is a new course and we hope you will be the first to give this program a testimonial to be shared in the future. In the meantime, here are some things people have said about working with me. 

Apply with Your Interest  ➜

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Testimonial Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Exploration

    "I like the simplicity and authenticity about Daniel's teachings. I especially enjoyed the gentleness, care and attention he provided while guiding me through the entire regression process during the Life Beyond Form sessions he facilitated for me, both Past Life and In-Between-Lives. He transitioned from one stage of the process to the next flawlessly and easily.

    I like how he interacted with the Higher Self. These moments felt like a conversation with a friend. The style in the alternate life regression – it gently flowed into what I can only describe as vivid, palpable, juicy (for lack of a better word). Done with so much gentleness and care. I could actually feel the life/life-force in the person I was in that lifetime, in every scene of the lifetime. I felt alive. Experiencing the afterlife in-between life was not methodical. Daniel allowed the LBL to develop on its own, allowing the Soul to do the work it wanted or needed to do. I appreciated him allowing my Spirit Guide to express freely what it needed to say, as my Soul played in the background. I remember my Soul just wanted to step aside for a moment and do its own thing.

    Once I listened to the recording, it not only impacted me personally but spiritually as well. I am very excited to take this Life Beyond Form training even though I am an experienced Past Life and Afterlife Between Lives facilitator. I'm sure this training will expand me as a facilitator, giving me more confidence and allowing me to facilitate more powerful spiritual regressions."

    United States of America

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Joanne Eisemann Testimonial Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey

    "The Life Beyond Form spirit journey I experienced with Daniel Martinez Stahl in Dec 2022 was like no other spirit journey I have ever been on.

    A truly gifted spirit journey guide, Daniel skillfully allowed the magic of me to unfold. I could feel his contact with my spirit guides and felt safe enough in his presence to let them take me to places I had never been before.

    I have journeyed through quite a few past and future lives with other practitioners and although those sessions were fun and enlightening, I felt they were quite directional, ie there were limits in place as to where we could travel. Not so with Daniel, he opens up and allows spirit to guide and as a result the session was far more dynamic than anything I have experienced before, I felt deep contact with my soul, parts of my soul family and guides.

    Daniel is a talented listener and throughout the session asked sensitive questions that allowed my journey to go deeper and be more expansive.

    For several days following my body felt as though it was filled with golden butterflies, and I could feel the vibration of abundance flowing through my body.

    The part I appreciate most about my Life Beyond Form spirit journey with Daniel is that he showed me that I can have deeper contact with my higher self, my guides and soul family than I ever felt was possible before.

    Love, Joanne"


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Jelena Spasovski - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Session

    "Daniel is a connected, soulful, patient and intelligent practitioner. I felt safely guided throughout the whole process, and at the same time, Daniel helped me to bravely explore my experience. I gained so much clarity and valuable insight about my choices in this lifetime. I would highly recommend Daniel and his work to all the fellow explorers who want to know more and go deeper into the essence of us and the lives we are living today."

    United States of America

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Razmik Sargsyan - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey

    “The time I spent with Daniel has had a profound transformative effect on me. I loved how masterfully and patiently he created a space for me to get connected with my inner wisdom. I could intuitively feel that I would appreciate my time with him from our very first conversation. The insights that I had during our session have stayed with me and I tapped into a good feeling momentum that assists me both in my everyday life and general well-being. It gives me a renewed sense of ease and flow in my communications with other people, even if that was not the primary expectation I had from our session. Everything feels lighter.”


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Testimonial Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Exploration

    "I was fully prepared by Daniel for this experience. Daniel’s calm and supportive presence enabled me to relax and connect with significant spirit guides. I learned more about the power that I am and the meaning of a debilitating condition that I chose prior to this life for a specific purpose and this has helped me deal with it from a place of power. I can now identify the unique energies of each of my significant guides."

    United States of America

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Testimonial Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Exploration

    "Daniel is a very special person to work with. Not only is he super patient, kind and understanding, but also very knowledgeable. His words are so inspiring that they literally changed my life. I have gone through meditation courses, NLP courses, spiritual books, etc. but I have never truly understood and let alone really practice what I have been taught. I only started to really embark on the journey of being present from a conversation with Daniel. This opened up a new world for me. I really love his concept about life and his teaching. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who would like to understand or get more from life."


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Kristy Mooney - Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching and Three Principles

    “Daniel is warm, inquisitive and most importantly creates a trusting environment that allows you share your thoughts, feelings, doubts and anxiety in a safe space. He has the ability to help you see what you need to see to help you create a clearer state of mind and move you to a greater place of health and wellbeing.”

    United Kingdom


Hi! I’m Daniel Martinez Stahl, a fellow traveler on this amazing journey and experience of life.

The work I do in Spiritual Development and Facilitation is based on many years of experience playing within Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP (Traditional and New Code), the Three Principles, Past Life Regression and the work of Michael Newton, which is referred to as Life Between Lives®. 

The birth of this course began after facilitating a session for a friend of mine who is an amazing Life Between Lives® facilitator. When we were done, she commented on how much she would love to learn how to do what I do. It took me by surprise because what I do seems so natural and obvious to me.

So, this course is my attempt to describe how it is that prepare and navigate my work as a Life Beyond Form Spirit Journey facilitator, which is nothing more than how it is that go about helping the people I work with to have a first-hand experience of their own spirit journey. Have it be exploring Past Lives, Alternate Lives, In-between Lives and/or anything else that their higher self and Spirit team want them to experience.


By sharing what I'm learning about my own journey and the things that have helped me to expanding my own awareness, I'm able to help people find their own way. In doing so, people are able to deepen their understanding of what it means to be both Spirit and Human, align with their higher self and connect more deeply with their personal spirit team


Deepen 🦋 Align 🦋 Expand 🦋

Apply to Participate in the LBF Facilitation Certification Course  ➜