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The First Step of a New Journey

Welcome to my new website and to a fresh start for this blog. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you will know this update has been a long time coming.

The direction for this new site became clear the moment I remembered why I fell in love with True Life Quest as a name back in 2008. For me, it's about the inner journey to find our true selves; the shining diamond who's brilliance has been covered up by dirt and mud over time; our inner light that can never be extinguished by anything or anyone. It's also about my own

 quest to find the truth behind my psychology and the psychology of others. To understand the reason behind why we do what we do.

The seed for this name traces back to my training in Psychosynthesis when people feeling lost in the moment were called travelers and the people helping them find their way back to themselves were nothing more than guides. Though my views have drastically changed since then, about how to find our way in life more effectively, productively and successfully, the idea that we are all travelers on a journey has always remained.

We Are All Fellow Travelers

The concept of being travelers applies even more now with the Three Principles because it is ultimately about exploring the truth behind our experience of life together, and the implications of that understanding in the home, the work-place and the playground. As you stay in this conversation, you will likely find that what I'll be sharing is nothing new, which it isn't. You may also recognize that at some level you already know these things to be true, which I'm sure you do. So if what I'm sharing is nothing new and something you already know, what am I doing? Just like the world appears to be flat if you look outside your window, there is a common and innocent misunderstanding about where our experience actually comes from. It is in this misunderstanding that we tend to struggle most and limit ourselves from what we are truly capable of.

What's the Source of Your Feelings?

Most people attribute the source of their experience to their circumstances or the people around them. But even though that's how it appears, it isn't actually true. We all know the world is round, but look outside and tell me it doesn't look flat to you from where you are standing. The truth about the source of our experience is the same.

My goal is to help you see that the world is actually round, metaphorically speaking. The system behind our experience of life makes it seem like it's coming from the outside, but it can only ever come from the inside. The science and description of the mechanism behind the scenes of life has a simplicity and a logic to it that makes it very practical and accessible.

As you begin to see the inside-out nature of our experience, you will naturally be able to handle challenges with more grace and navigate life with greater ease.

Insights Will Drive Your Understanding I can help put structure around the mechanism behind your experience of life and I can help you become aware of the elements that influence your successes and your struggles. But it will only be through your own insights, about your experience of life, that will allow you to truly recognize it for yourself.

These insights, subtle or profound, will shift your understanding and you will begin to experience transformational changes across all aspects of your life.

What's Next

In the pages to come, what I will attempt to do is describe what I have seen, what I continue to see, to share the edges of my own understanding, and to try to describe the system behind our experience of life, which is indescribable, invisible and formless. I don’t yet know what’s next but it will likely be an explanation of the Three Principles, which will then lead into other topics like: • Using inner wisdom as a true guide • The thought-feeling relationship

• Innocently being trapped by the outside-in illusion • The transient nature of thought

• Understanding the cyclical nature of low states

• Effortless change is not only possible, it's natural • Forgiveness means there's nothing to forgive  • It's OK to be human Until next time, may the four winds help guide your way. Lots of love,


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