Playing with Spirit Membership

The Playing with Spirit Membership Group (formally Spiritual Intelligence Community) is a place to discover what it means to be both spirit and human with other like minded people who are supportive and interested in collectively raising our level of consciousness. We will be:

  • Aligning with the energy of life and our higher self
  • Exploring relevant aspects of our spiritual journey
  • Deepening the understanding of our experience
  • Integrating everything for a better quality of life 

We will have 2-4 live monthly sessions to explore, deepen and integrate, as well as access to exclusive content. 

Deepen your understanding of the system of life, which we are a part of, and of the power we all have inside to create, thrive, and excel in life.

Awaken your innate resilience and well-being, enabling you to face life's challenges with more grace and ease.

Improve the communication and synergy between your body and soul, so you can align with your divine essence, instead of innocently creating resistance. 

Learn about the elements that collectively form your experience of life and understand the role you can actively take to effortlessly improve the direction and quality of life. 

Appreciate and welcome the abundance of the universe, which is always available, instead of innocently rejecting or blocking its support.

Surrender your idea of control and listen more easily to your spiritual wisdom within, which is one with the intelligent energy of life that creates worlds.

Experience of your higher self directly, connect with your spiritual advisors, and remember the love, support and guidance that always available to you. 

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